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Tiny Home Getaway Review + Video

A few weeks back my husband and I finally had our first tiny home experience. A cute wooden cabin in the middle of absolutely nowhere – it was magical. It’s so good, I almost want to keep this place a secret :)


This home is located in Red Cliff, Colorado on 30 acres of private land, which is surrounded by national forest and stunning mountains. The home is 30-minute drive away from the ski resort in Veil, CO.

We booked it a few months before our trip through Air B&B. The host of this place, Galen, was super helpful and accommodating.


The direct flight from Austin to Denver took only 1.5 hours and was very easy and smooth. From there we rented a car and drove to Red Cliff. We stopped at Whole Foods on the way and got all of our groceries and water for 4 days. The goal was to get things that are easy, require minimal cleanup, and nutritious at the same time.

The drive was absolutely stunning and took about 2 hours in total (with few stops on the way). Had my snowflake socks on, green tea in my hand, Sinatra tunes playing. And as I thought things couldn’t get any better, it started to snow. Ahhh… it was a magical day and I was vibrating with anticipation!

One of the most exciting things was saying good-buy to our phones and staying notification-free. We promised each other to completely unplug for time of stay (except a few texts to our parents) and that we did.

The tiny home is located on top of the hill and we had to park at the bottom of it as driving up could be slippery and dangerous. It’s about a minute walk up a sloped hill from the parking space to get to the house.


Although this is a “tiny house” I found it very spacious and way more than enough for 2. You can easily fit 4 people (5 if you stretch it). There are 2 beds and 1 little couch with lots of extra room to get creative.

This home has two lofts upstairs, one with a king bed and another with a full bed. On the main floor you have a pretty large kitchen with a small oven and 3-burner stovetop, refrigerator with freezer, a tiny living room with a fold down couch and a TV

The little living space can be easily made into a private room just by closing the doors. This is a great feature that most tiny homes don’t have. It also has 2 large windows with the most spectacular views of the mountains.

Kitchen has all the necessary tools to make basic meals. There are plates, bowls, glasses, cups, utensils, a few pots + pans, teapot, and a giant stainless steel French press. I brought some of these basic things with me but you absolutely don’t have to, they’ve got everything. For health nuts out there: the pots and frying pans have Teflon coating, so if you are particular with your cookware like me you might want to bring a tiny stainless steel pot with you. The things we do.. hahaha

There is a small shower and a composting toilet, which works well but is unlike anything I’ve used before (feel free to look up how it works). The shower is nice and basic, the heater will produce enough water for two hot showers even when taken back to back but they shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes each. The heat and water are supplied via propane so you don't have to worry about running out of heat in the house.

Wi-Fi is provided, we played a few Netflix movies there and had no issues. Cell reception is weak but there is a landline for emergencies.


If you are looking for a gateway with tons of activities, this place is may not be for you. The whole point of going there for us was to do nothing and relax. The location of this tiny home is absolutely epic and pictures don’t do it any justice. It’s so much better in real life!

From front porch you can see 2 more tiny homes at the bottom of the hill, but there were people in just 1 of them. The place felt so secluded and it was comforting to know there are a few people around in case of emergency.

Our mornings started around 5am with a quick shower and steaming cups of green tea outside (after lemon water, obviously). We both just stood outside watching sunrise while sipping on this warm brew and feeling content. Minds softened. Souls rejuvenated.

Side note: Swell cups are absolutely epic! They kept our tea warm for hours even in freezing cold weather, we even did a little teacup photo-shoot in the snow and they were still steaming hot. Seriously, best cups for keeping liquids warm.

We watched the sunrise, recorded cool footage, and took pictures, walked and played in the snow until we got either too hungry or too frozen. We cooked, played music, and snuggled under warm blankets. We were in bed by 9pm and, by the way, the beds were surprisingly comfortable.

The only drive we took while up there was to Leadville and Twin Lakes and it was so worth it! It took up about 50 minutes to get there but it was very snowy so I’m sure it would be faster in normal weather conditions.

Leadville is 10,152 feet above sea level making it the highest city in North America. From there we drove about 20 minutes South to Twin Lakes - two large glacial lakes that reflect some of the nation’s highest peaks. It was an absolutely stunning spot that is very popular among photographers.


This place was magnificent! It offers detachment, creative isolation, and all the benefits of forest bathing + mountain air. It completely removed us from work, email, text, and more importantly – from FOMO. I cannot recommend this tiny home enough, best vacation to date!

Ready for your tiny home experience? Book this place! Get 10% off your stay in 2019, just tell Galen (the host) you are my friend :)

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