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Our work together begins with free1-hour Health History Consultation (in person, via Skype or phone).

This is a great opportunity for me to get to know you and to discuss your current health challenges and goals. 

Let's Work Together!

If you’re looking for long-term success and lifestyle change with guidance, accountability, and hands-on support, this program is for you! 

You’ll get a ton of tools, resources, recipes, giveaways and the mindset that puts you in charge of achieving your goals and truly transforming your lifestyle.

Sometimes all you need is a 60-minute session.

Great for those who want to ask specific questions, explore wellness goals and be sent off with insights and practical tips for improvement. 

Do you have every intention to eat healthy but feel intimidated in the kitchen and just don't   know where to begin? My classes are a mix of hands-on cooking, kitchen tips, and nutritional information. I customize classes based on your dietary needs and preferences (vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, Paleo, etc.). I've got you covered! 

Get ready for1 hour-long gentle yoga class + mini aromatherapy session :). 

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