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I help busy women to get healthy for good, lose weight, and improve their digestion by adding more organic whole foods into their diet, ditching unhealthy lifestyle habits and activities, and dialing down the stress.


Let's face it: counting calories, carbs, fats, and proteins doesn't work as a long-term solution to health. Sure, you might lose some weight during a restrictive diet, but about 95% of people will generally regain it all back in 1-5 years. Since dieting, by definition, is a temporary food plan, it won't work in the long run. More importantly, deprivation of restrictive diets may lead to a overeating or binging. And because your body is so brilliant and doesn't want you to starve, it adapts and responds to overly restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism which in turn makes it harder to lose weight.


That is why I rely on concept of bio-individuality - a perfect way of looking at person’s unique food and lifestyle needs. I meet my clients exactly where they are in their health journey and carefully evaluate their ancestry, blood type, metabolic rate, and personal food and lifestyle preferences and goals. I use holistic approach by looking at the person as a whole rather than a bunch of parts and pieces which really helps me to take care of the underlying causes of weight-gain, fatigue, and disease.


Another concept I use in my practice is primary foods, which come in form of healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a good spiritual practice. Sometimes we are fed not by food but by energy in our lives. We absorb so many experiences every day that can either fulfill or crush us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. If you are not getting the “primary food” you need, eating all the kale in the world won’t satisfy your hunger.


"You are what you eat" is a phrase that holds a lot of truth, but I believe "You are what you absorb" is way more accurate. You might be having best quality organic food but if your digestive system is weak and isn't doing its job to break it all down and assimilate the nutrients, all that great food isn't really doing your body good. I help people to understand how digestive system works, the benefits of detox, and how to create healthy gut flora, which is essential to our health.


"All disease starts in the gut" is what Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago, but we are just now starting to understand how true it actually is. An unhealthy gut contributes to a host of health problems including autism, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida overgrowth (not to mention heartburn/GERD, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and IBS). I help my clients to nourish, cleanse, and repair delicate inner ecosystem that lies in our guts.


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